Go is a fun, energetic theme song about going wherever we’re called to go.

Album cover pictureThis one’s from Newsboys’ Go project, back in 2006. Technically this is the title track, but the opening track from the CD, Wherever We Go, is probably the one you’re thinking of, since that one’s gotten a lot of Christian radio airplay. While that one could work as mission trip video music as well, I actually think Go has a stronger mission-oriented message about God’s call for us to go wherever we are needed in service.

Lyrically, this one’s all about being sent out to serve. The song is from the perspective of God calling, reminding us that “Everybody needs somebody to rely on…coming alongside. Are you gonna lend a hand?” The chorus talks about the length and breadth of mission work. We are called “From the top of the world, to the bottom rung, until the work is done. I wanna send you.” God will show us miracles as we “cover the earth / make disciples.”

Go is very energetic, and the words can be a little difficult to make out in some parts. A good way to use this song as part of a trip recap video might be in a video montage segment with some text effects highlighting some phrases from the lyrics. If you’re using this song as a theme or devotion for a misison trip, I’d be sure to provide a copy of the lyrics, particularly since this song isn’t particularly well known. There is a live recording, from Houston We Are Go, but I’d recommend the original studio recording. Also, if you aren’t familiar with it, the entire CD is fantastic. It’s probably my favorite non-greatest hits Newsboys CD, featuring their former lead vocalist, Peter Furler.

Here’s a link to the song’s lyrics. I couldn’t find an actual lyric video, but here’s a video with just the audio of the song:

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