Looking for a theme song about our role as the Body of Christ?

Casting Crowns ArtIf you’ve listened to Christian radio at all in the last decade, you’re familiar with Grammy and Dove award winning band Casting Crowns. Their very first single, way back in 2003, was the call to action song If We Are the Body. While the verses may not have much relevance to a mission trip, since they’re talking about welcoming people into our own church worship services, the chorus is perfect for either a theme song or as part of a presentation. In fact, I used this song in my very first church service presentation to accompany the PowerPoint slides at a dinner we held for congregation members who’d made a donation towards our weekend trip.

The song asks, “If we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching? Why aren’t His hands healing?” Isn’t that exactly what the point of a good mission trip is? In my mind, the point of a trip is both to actually serve, and to expose the participants to the needs of the wider world, inspiring them to ask these questions. Why aren’t we doing more to serve this hurting and broken world? We are the body of Christ, so let’s do something about it! Ours are the hands through which God works.

If We Are the Body has an energetic (but not frenetic!) beat, is well-known, and the lyrics are easy to hear in the recording. There’s also a live recording, but I’d recommend the studio recording, which is almost exactly 4 minutes, from the band’s self-titled debut album, Casting Crowns.

Lyric video: