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Get Up is a brand new high-energy song from Christian rock band Building 429. Released in June 2013, it’s the first single from their newest album We Won’t Be Shaken.

While this is not directly a song about service, there are some great themes here that could work well for a mission trip.

Lyrics and Themes

The song starts out talking about “I used to live my life for me…I went to church just to sit in the seats.” I think that’s true for far too many people in our culture and in our church. People (including me!) often come to church because it feels good, or seems like the right thing to do.

But when we realize the magnitude of what God has done for us in Jesus, we feel called to respond. As the song says, “Salvation got a hold of me / I was broken down and hurting / Redemption came as a wave of relief / But then it followed with a burden.” The burden is the call to respond, to share the good news of the salvation God provides in Jesus.

As Martin Luther writes, in Christ we are freed from our bondage to sin and our old, sinful selves, and we are freed for loving service. We have a story to tell of an awesome, immeasurably loving God. We have a radical message of incomprehensible grace.

The song continues in the chorus, “So it’s time to get up / I’m sick of just sittin’ around.” So how do we respond? “We can’t forget what we were made for / It’s time to get up / Because our hands were made for reaching out, yeah / So it’s time to get up.”

Devotional Idea

This song might work as part of a post-trip presentation, but it really works better for before a trip. The energy of this song lends itself to helping a group to get pumped up and get excited before leaving on a service trip.

You could easily use this song before leaving as a mission trip devotional and talk with the group about what it is that we are made for. Why do we engage in the counter-cultural of taking our valuable time and volunteering to serve others?

The last verse of the song says “Hey, hey, you need to know that / We’re not afraid to show them / The Good News so the world will, no doubt / Shout with the prodigal son!” Before we go out on a mission trip to share the good news of the Gospel with the world, we need to know what it is we’re sharing!

The more songs I listen to by Building 429, the more I like them. I love both the energy and the message of Get Up. Besides, this song is just fun!


Here’s a lyric video:

If you have other songs you think ought to be on my mission trip songs list, let me know in the comments below!