How do we want to see the world? The song Give Me Your Eyes, by Brandon Heath, is a prayer that God would allow us to see the world the way its Creator sees it.
Give Me Your Eyes Cover Art

It’s easy when we’re on a mission trip to start to see people as less important that we are. Whenever we are in a situation where we’re meeting lots of people, we start blending them together, not thinking of them as unique individuals. On a mission trip, where we are focused on serving others, it’s not hard to forget that each person we encounter, each person we serve is a unique individual with individual needs – a person uniquely and profoundly loved by God. This song is a powerful reminder that everyone has a unique story. We must encounter people as individuals, not assuming that each person has the same challenges.

The first verse of the song talks about being in a crowd, and realizing that each person is going somewhere. Why don’t we care about each person’s story? The chorus asks God to let us see the world through God’s eyes. It pleads with God to show us what we’re missing, to give the love for the broken hearted, for the poor, for the down-trodden that we know we ought to have. In the second verse, we’re reminded that each person has his or her own story. As we encounter standing in a line at a food bank or soup kitchen, keep that in mind. People come from their own circumstances, and each person has his or her own concerns.

I think this song works really well as both a theme for a service experience and as a reminder when we’re back in our everyday lives. Every person has a story that matters. If we can look at the world through God’s eyes, we  will realize each person’s value. What would the world look like if we treated every person as a person whom God loves enough to die for?

Here’s a lyric video: