Here’s my list of good songs for mission trip presentations. See the notes below the list. Scroll sideways to see the rest of the columns. Be sure to comment with additional suggestions!

Album CoverSong TitleArtistLengthYearPopularity*Blog
Big Daddy Weave Cover ArtLove Come to LifeBig Daddy Weave3:4620127Love Come to Life Love Come to Life on
Eye on It Cover ArtSpeak LifeTobyMac3:2520134Speak Life! Speak Life on
As Is Peder Eide Cover ArtAs IsPeder Eide3:3720062Called and Chosen As IsAs Is on
Kings & Queens Audio Adrenaline Cover ArtKings & QueensAudio Adrenaline3:4920137Loving the Least of TheseKings & Queens on
I Refuse, by Josh Wilson Cover ArtI RefuseJosh Wilson3:3820117Refusing to Just Stand ByI Refuse on
Brandon Heath, Give Me Your Eyes Cover Art
Give Me Your EyesBrandon Heath3:5220089Seeing the World Through God's EyesGive Me Your Eyes on
For King and Country
The Proof of Your LoveFor King and Country3:1720127Being the ProofThe Proof of Your Love on
Newsboys GoGoNewsboys2:5220064Going Wherever We're SentGo on
Casting Crowns Cover ArtIf We Are the BodyCasting Crowns3:5920039Being the Body of Christ If We Are the Body on

A few notes on the table:

Artist is of the original or most popular recording. Many songs in the Christian music world have cover versions available, either alternative recordings from other major bands, “knock-off” recordings available online, independent YouTube cover versions, or recordings by worship teams, so remember that you could potentially use those in your video.

Song length is the length of the most common version of the song. For some songs, there may be an acoustic version, a remix version, or even cover recordings available. If you really want to use a song and it’s not quite the right length, remember that you don’t have to use the entire song! You can fade in and out, perhaps even repeat a verse or chorus to make the music fit whatever you’re showing in the video.

Year is the year of the song’s online availability, which may not necessarily be the year of its release to radio.

*Popularity is my totally subjective rating of how popular I think the song is on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the most popular), based on how well known it might be from Christian or mainstream radio airplay. how popular the group performing it is, whether or not it’s been released as a radio single, etc. If a song is very popular, those in the congregation or group watching your presentation may be drawn in more because they know the song and they might be able to better understand the words if they are familiar with the song. On the other hand, some songs have been beaten to death by being overplayed, so for some people, they may have lost the meaning they once had.

Blog post has links to the blog posts I’ve written about each song here on this site. For most songs, I offer some commentary on the Scriptural basis for the song’s lyrics, comments on the overall feel of the song, perhaps some history about the song’s meaning, and some ideas on how to use the song as a mission trip theme, in a video presentation, or for a group devotional.