Why do we go to serve on mission trips? What is the point? What’s our motivation? For King and Country‘s song The Proof Of Your Love reminds us of a powerful reason for a mission trip: We serve so that by our service we prove the truth of God’s love for us.

With lyrics taken from 1 Corinthians 13:1-4, For King and Country ask God to “Let my life be the proof of Your love.” The last verse reminds us that if we give to a needy soul, but don’t have love, then our actions lack meaning. No matter how much we might plan and prepare to serve, if we aren’t seeking to love others as God has loved us, our efforts are pointless.

Even if it’s not the overall theme song for the trip, I think this song would be a great  mission trip group devotion idea. While it is important that a group accomplish something meaningful and worthwhile for those they’re serving, I think it’s at least as important that the participants in a trip grow from the experience. Mission trips are about gaining exposure to poverty and service experience, and about the recognition of why we serve. If we are part of the body of Christ in service, then our motivation for serving is as important as our actual actions. This song is a powerful reminder that if we don’t have love as we’re serving, then we waste our effort. If it’s about us and not about God, then the entire experience is a self-serving waste.

Musically, I think I’d describe this song as passionate. There’s energy here, but it’s in a repeating heavy strings motif. This is one that gets stuck in my head. If you’ve never heard of For King and Country, and they’re rather new, so you may not have, this is a great first song to listen to. They’re the younger brothers of Rebecca St. James, and The Proof Of Your Love is off of their first CD, Crave.

Here’s a lyric video: