Need some inspiration for making a mission trip video? Here’s some example videos that I think serve as good models for creating presentations for your church, or even just to show your family and friends.

Each video in the list below has the video itself embedded from YouTube, a list of the songs used in the video with links to view each song on, and some commentary on the video from me. Rating is on a scale of 1-10 (10 is better), and is purely subjective based on my opinion of the video as an example of a good mission trip video. It is not intended to be a reflection in any way of the ministry of the trip itself. Take it in the spirit it’s intended – there’s always room for improvement, and just the fact that there is a video record of a trip is fantastic!

Enjoy the videos!

Mission Trip Videos

VideoSongs UsedCommentaryRating

If We've Ever Needed You by Casting CrownsCool opening. Since I don't speak Creole, I appreciate that the translation is provided. The white text on plain black background works well.

Good matching of words "here we pray" from the song to the video clip at 0:35.

Lots of travel footage. We don't really "arrive" until almost half-way through the video. There's a book-end feel to the video as well with the departure footage at the end.

Has the mandatory footage of cute kids. Love the clip at 4:40 of someone who's supposedly the one being served reading from the Bible to one of the people on the trip.

Also, nice editorial touch in the baptism clip at 5:00 as the video starts in black and white and goes to color as the girl comes out of the water.

Days of Hope by Scott Krippayne

What Are You Waiting For
by Natalie Grant
First a disclaimer: I made this video. It's based around the first song, since the song was given to us by the mission we worked with. That automatically gives the video sort of an emotional tone to raise awareness, rather than a chronological trip recap.

This presentation is trying to educate the congregation about the trip and raise awareness of the problem of poverty, so it relies a lot on interview clips to make points. There are some concrete examples of what the congregation can do to help. Of course, there also some fun clips too!

Some of the interview clips give context to the pictures, which is a great way to edit a presentation together so it tells a cohesive story.

Revolutionary Love
by David Crowder Band

by Phil Joel

All In The Serve
by Michael W. Smith

by Newsboys
First a disclaimer: I made this video. The opening is a music video, with clips tied very closely to the music. There's a chronological feel after the opening montage, with even the first few interview clips arranged in order.

There's a good mix of still pictures (always moving) and video clips. I particularly like the split-screen at about 3:40 with the youth director acting as a commentator to what's going on. There are also a few places where titles are used to emphasize a point.

The video is arranged topically, with sections like Evening Activities, Kid's Club (this is a YouthWorks trip), and Painting. Looking back at this video years after making it, I think the pacing of this presentation works really well.

The Lost Are Found (Live) by Hillsong UnitedCreative opening, although I'm not convinced it added a lot to the video itself. Great cover picture! The opening video clips are a bit too shaky for my taste, but I like the pictures later. Also, while I appreciate that it shows most of the group serving, I don't really like the clip of eating ice cream. It looks a bit too much like tourism versus actual service.

I do really like the fisheye clip of the prayer partway through. This is a good example of a video that doesn't really tell a story. After watching it, I have no idea what the mission team actually did. I hope this video was accompanied by a further explanation of the ministry that happened on the trip when it was presented.

I do like the ending with an invitation to join in the ministry for next year.

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